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As the twins turn 18 months
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September 2001

Finally, we managed to get away together as a family. We went to Cedar Grove Resort. Then on to Windermere House for the weekend.(in Muskoka) Finally ending up at my Mom and Dad's new home in St. Joseph, near Bayfield.

Most of that trip was enjoyable. But when we arrived home. Ugh! My babysitter who has been with us since the twins were 3 months old got a full time job and quit!

I spent the next day searching for a daycare. After a lot of phone calls, and interviews at daycare centres, I decided on Acorn Day Care. It's right in our subdivision, and I like this centre the best.

By Wednesday, we hadn't picked up Sunshine and I mentioned it to Kevan. We were just too busy to get him before then. Home late Monday; search for daycare Tuesday and Wednesday and Kevan dealing with bird brain printers the whole time. So, I mention Sunshine Wednesday night. Kevan has talked to the bird babysitter, Mike, about him adopting Sunshine. I almost cry. More because I know it would be better for the bird, then for myself. I just have not been giving Sunshine enough time and Kevan gets so freaked out about the bird, he is spending his life living in the bathroom. Just a few squawks from Sunshine and he's in the bathroom again. :(

Caroline came down with a fever, just after Kurtis got over his, so, the twins can't start going to daycare till next week. :(

Thursday morning, while making breakfast, Kurtis decides he wants me to pick him up NOW! He grabs hold of my pantlegs and tries to pull himself up. Only problem is that I am wearing silk PJs and he pulls my pants down! Just as I was about to laugh, poor Kurtis starts screaming. He must have pulled with all his weight and did a face plant on the ceramic floor. Lucky he didn't break his nose.

After Spencer went to school, I took the babies upstairs to be changed and dressed as usual. I turned my back for seconds and they for the first time have pulled something off my dresser. It was my make-up. Oh joy! They have lipstick on them. I clean them up figuring it could be worse. Little did I know that worse was in store.

I continue the new routine putting the twins down for a nap after lunch. No more morning nap. I go downstairs to the computer, gather up some laundery and go back upstairs. Maybe an hour passed. I opened the linen closet and Caroline heard it and started to cry. She should have been sound asleep. I go in to find her with her two legs hanging out between the bars and her flat on her back crying. Has she been like this for an hour?! Crying and calling for me?! I'm sick!!! I cuddle her and rock her. She goes to sleep. I put her down in her crib and realize that Kurtis, who is sleeping, has a stinky diaper. He must have been so upset that Caroline was stuck and I wasn't coming to the rescue that he filled his pants. He would have cried himself to sleep. I can't leave him, I have to change him. He wakes up and so does Caroline. So much for a nap.

So, we go downstairs and try to resume the day without a nap. There is no way they are going back in thier cribs. Caroline is hystarical at the suggestion. But they are whining from lack of sleep. We go outside. Play in the toy car. Caroline slides down the baby slide and land smack bam full butt on an acorn. She is crying again. Kurtis is slip sliding on acorns.Imagine a guy walking on logs in the water, that's Kurtis on acorns in our backyard. It doesn't matter that I raked yesterday, more acorns have fallen for todays fun and games.

We try a snack. They love the idea of crackers. So I go in, get crackers. Give them each one and go back to get them their sippy cups. While in the house, I realize that a cracker isn't enough for me, because I haven't had breakfast or lunch. So, I grab and english muffin, ham and cheese and return to the patio. They have fed the whole box of crackers to the dog!

We continue playing outside after I eat lunch, but the twins are whining. I get the bright idea that a ride in the car would put them to sleep. So we go to the car. (Kevan took the van to pick up the calendars) The doors are locked and the carseats have been thrown in the back seat but not attached. I go just inside the door reach on the table for the keys and step back outside. Caroline is running for the road!

The faster I run after her, the faster she runs. I get to her just as she reaches the road. There were no cars. Forget the car, we go back in the house. Dance to music, try finding a baby show on t.v. and build Caroline a castle. I tried calling Margaret, Mom and Erin. Margaret wasn't at work, Mom wasn't at home and Erin doesn't believe in answering the phone. The twins were getting verry cranky. So, I decide that if I put them into the front seat, while I attach the carseats in the back, they can't get away.

It works! They are in their carseats, all I have to do is grab the diaper bag. I get back to the car and Kurtis is nearly coming out of his carseat. I start driving and he settles. As we pull out of the driveway, Spencer shows up on his way home from school. He has a piano lesson.

The drive through the park is a success. Caroline is asleep. I take Kurtis out of the car 1st. He is restless, so I change his diaper...only to find that he was ever so slightly dirty and his bum in burnt! I can't stand it! I put medicated cream on him and he is much better next diaper change.

I get Caroline from the car. She is sound asleep! Hurray! I remove her shoes and put her in the crib. She is screaming. If she could talk she would tell me that she is never going in this stupid crib again!

Spencer's piano teacher didn't show. It's time for dinner. Oh ya, food. I left the whole chicken in the oven to cool last night, so the babies wouldn't grab the burning hot pan. 24 hours later, it's too late! Food poisioning is on its way if we eat the rest of the chicken so it's trash! I'm fed up! We go to the mall and eat in the foodcourt. Everybody is happy. :) Kevan comes home and asked me if I had a good day.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Bed time Thursday night finally. What could possibly go wrong. I shouldn't have asked. As I reached for the bottles, Caroline reached for the milk and dumped it. I didn't waste time putting them to bed.

It's Friday, Sept. 7th. The twins are 18 months old today! The fun has just begun. I vacuum the house. Empty the cup in the garbage and the bag is full. I take the garbage out to the garage. In the what? 5 seconds I was gone, they managed to get upstairs. I go upstairs and Kurtis hands me the door handle off my door! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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