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The year 2002 at a glance.
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Jan. 2002
Feb. 2002
March 2002 The twins turned 2 years old.
April 2002
May 2002 Spencer turned 12 years old. We celebrated by taking a party room at the Delta Armouries Hotel on Dundas St. He had a bunch of friends (Sean McDougal, Devlin Parker, David Ireland) and cousins (Corwin and Connnor) sleep over and swin in the hotel pool. They had dinner, a birthday cake and breakfast there. We moved on the 31st to our new home. 49 South Carrige Rd.
June 2002 Kevan was in our new home a week before he left to the West Coast to shoot for calendars. He was gone 3 weeks.
July 2002 Kevan stayed till his birthday since he has been at the East Coast for the last 2 years. The following day he was to leave but his car broke down. He left the day after and took my van.

Spencer and Sean McDougal took golf lesson for a week at Thames Valley golf course.

I attended the surprise party for Wayne and Debbie Percy's 25th wedding anniversary. Kevan didn't make it back in time from the Quebec.

We all attended the street party to meet some of our new neighbours.

Kurtis was upset by a fly buzzing around him, so I told him to, "shoo that fly away Kurtis!" He extended his fore finger and I heard, "bang, bang!".
Aug. 2002 Caroline must have missed her dad. She blurted out one morning, "I want to wear a pretty dress for my Daddy!"

Spencer spent a week at mom and dad's place with Corwin.

Our neighbours on both sides were married within a week of us. So the guys went golfing and then we all went out for dinner to the Sheraton Armories.

We had a familyvacation at Cedar Grove Lodge the last week of August.

September 2002 Allen Ledyeat figures out that I have been over dosed on thyroid horomone the last decade or more.

Uncle David installed our alarm system.

October 2003

Spencer got a Hepatitis B shot through the school system.

I helped Angela Morrison with the look of the costumes for "The Saviour of the World" play.

November 2002

I was invited to join Vivian and Vilma on a Christmas tour of homes throughout London.It was awesome.

December 2002

We had a huge Christmas Party/Open house on the 7th. John Regan played and sang.

Left for Florida on the 20th. Took 3 days to drive down so that Kevan could take pictures. Christmas with Mom and Dad in Zeypherhills.

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