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The year 2000 at a glance.
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In depth...

Happy Holidays to all. Wishing you a safe and happy New Year. This has been a year like no other. Here's a rundown. **************************************************************************** Jan. 2000 I'm competing with the Good Year blimp for size. Spencer was getting a bit nervous about the future and not being an only child any more. Once we told him that he will always be the first born and all round cool son he settled a bit. Kevan left to shoot some resorts in the West, he was gone 2 weeks. My cousin Donna helps me set up the cribs. **************************************************************************** Feb. 2000 The basement was renovated and my office was moved downstairs with Kevan's. There is some sense of order now. Laura Ireland holds a surprise shower. I never knew I had so many friends. What a surprise! I demand that the Dr. get these babies OUT! He agrees to induce a week early. ***************************************************************************** March 2000 What have we done? Can I skip this whole childbirth thing?! March 7th Caroline Victoria moons the world upon arrival. (Breech) Three minutes later Kurtis Bronson arrives white as a sheet. I look at the Dr. to see if he is concerned. Everything was ok. It turns out that Kurtis is a red head and is suppose to be white as a ghost. Spencer wins the long standing bet -it was a boy and girl. Not 2 boys or 2 girls. He does the moonwalk in the hospital. Funny, I feel better then I've felt in a decade. ****************************************************************************** April 2000 What a change in our lives! We now know why the term TWIN SHOCK! I get smart and hired nurse Carrie. She is a student nurse at Fanshawe and will become my favorite person outside of family and my key to sanity. **************************************************************************** May 2000 May 7th the twins are blessed and Spencer gets his first big lesson on sharing. It was his 10th birthday too. Gifts for all the kids. Kevan gone East, 2 weeks to shoot. **************************************************************************** June 2000 Kevan goes West for 3 weeks to shoot. While away, Shoppers Drug Mart places the largest orders of our lives. Impossible, not this year!!! We have to produce 6 calendar is 3 months. (We do it!) The dog, Nanook, and the bird, Sunshine, know where they fall on the food chain. They are sooooooooo neglected. **************************************************************************** July 2000 We took a week to go to Bayview Wildwood Resort. Our first choice because they have a nursery. I slept often. My biggest activity was to learn how to drive an ATV. Kurtis gets his first tooth at 3 months! **************************************************************************** Aug 2000 Spencer goes to techno camp. He learns about computers, builds a web site and learns chess from a chess master. He can whip both Kevan and I in chess. It's a good thing we have 2 more kids. We ahve to be smarter then somebody. Don't we? Kevan's calendars are in production and we are losing our minds. The twins kiss each other for the 1st time. So cute! **************************************************************************** Sept. 2000 How on earth am I going to let Spencer go back to school? He is like a little dad to the twins. I find out what it's like with the twins on my own. Discover Kevan's favorite song at The Guess Who concert "Taking Care of Business" I should have known. **************************************************************************** Oct 2000 Kurtis and Caroline learn to crawl. Spencer takes a few days off school to be Kevan's photo assistant. They go to Manitoulin Is. for 4 days. Now I'm truly alone. CARRIE!!!! **************************************************************************** Nov. 2000 Chapters and Coles Books pick up the calendar series. Almost sold out completely. Kevan's mother passed away suddenly at home. **************************************************************************** Dec. 2000 The twins meet Santa. No big deal this year. It looks like and old-fashioned winter. LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW. What do I care, I almost never get out. Christmas at my Mom and Dads in Brampton. My friends with twins tell me I'm crazy to not stay home this year. I find out why the hard way. **************************************************************************** Jan. 2001 Kevan is preparing to go West to shoot for 2 weeks. Stop the insanity!