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Sense of Humour Required!
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Not just in retrospect,at all times.

Last weekend my twins, Kurtis and Caroline, turned 4 years old. It was a lot of fun and very exciting for them both. I took some time to reflect on how we managed to get to this milestone. One of the conclusions that I have made is that if I could have had a sense of humor through it all, I would have enjoyed the ride more. By that I mean upon reflecting I realized that some of the most trying moments were in fact really very humorous in retrospect.

Like the time when they were babies and got hold of a toilet paper roll; by the time I got to them, it looked like an ad on TV with kittens playing in toilet paper as the roll bounced down the stairs. Fortunately I grabbed the video camera a got some cute footage.

The next time they made a mess, I discovered and started following this trail from one end of the house to the other. In a cartoon, it would have been gun powder leading up to dynamite, in my world it was parmesan cheese leading up to a cheese mountain under my desk in the office.

How do they manage to do this? Do they think it all up and wait till we look away for 2 minutes? I d like to know, because what these two can accomplish in a matter of minutes a SWAT team would take an hour to plan!

Last year, Kurtis and Caroline went on a field trip with their nursery school class to the sugar bush. While there, they saw how Maple Syrup is made. The sap comes from trees and is boiled to end up as Maple Syrup.

When they arrived home I asked them how their trip on the bus went. Caroline responded, "It was good. We went to the Mulberry Bush." & Kurtis piped in, "and we drank Soya Sauce!"

As with many multiples, I have one that is dominant. At our house it s Caroline, by a long shot. When they were three years old, I asked Kurtis what he was going to be when he grew up. His answer, "a Fireman". I thought that was cute, but Caroline wasn t amused. "No you re not Kurtis! You are not going to be a Fireman." Which of course started the, yes I am & no you re not & yes I am & no you re not, circle that never ends.

Finally Caroline was so distraught she was in tears and sobbing. So I went over to her and asked her what she thought her brother was going to be when he grew up. "A Daddy" was her answer, "He is going to be a Daddy!"

Sometimes though, I have to admit that I m just as bad as they are. I mean there I was making dinner and setting the food out on the table when all of a sudden there is this outburst from Caroline. She is freaked; she wants the pink cup, not the purple cup. On a good day I guess I would have given her the pink cup, but this one day, for some reason that girl was going to have the purple cup. (Like it really matters, ugh!) I had already poured the milk in the purple cup and what am I the maid?! She got the purple cup and only the purple cup and we listened to crying the whole dinner hour. What was I thinking?! So I put one more cup in the dishwasher. Lighten up Marilyn! I learned that you have to pick your battles. Now I ask them what colour cup they want. For Caroline, it s still always pink as her first choice.

On our 20th wedding anniversary, my parents took care of the 3 kids over night. Our first ever escape since the twins were born. What an absolute stress reliever 24 hours away can be. My husband commented that he knew that the kids stressed me out, but that I had a complete change of personality!

The day after we came home, I was telling Kurtis not to touch something. I can t even remember what it was, but his comment surprised me. He said, "Why? Will you send it to Opus Land if I do?" Huh?! Then he repeated the question. So I called my parents and asked them what "Opus Land" was. My mom didn t know, so I asked my dad. He had done magic tricks with them and used the phrase, "Hocus Pocus". Kurtis figured from that, that when the item disappeared it went to "Opus Land". He just wanted me to play with him.

The Granddaddy of them all had to have been exactly a year ago when the twins had just turned 3 years old. To keep things quiet in church, we each take care of just one baby. I was watching Caroline, and Kevan was watching Kurtis. In order to keep Kurtis quiet during the passing of the sacrament, my husband let Kurtis play in the diaper bag.

The next thing I know, I looked up in horror to see Kurtis at the front of the church, beside the Bishop, waving at me, a tampon in each hand. I of course had to run up to the front of the church interrupt everything and retrieve my son. I can promise you that I was too busy being embarrassed rather then exercising my sense of humor that day.

Lastly, I'm not sure how or why, but all three of my kids have managed to pull a fire alarm. It s red, the latch is exactly the size of their hand at about the age of 2 years old and when mom is rocking them at church or at Elmhurst to keep the baby quiet during proceeding, they just seem to go for the red latch. Fortunately, I ve never been charged by the fire department for their trouble.

But, I have stories to tell and memories to hold dear when these children grow up and move away. For now we just do the best we can, take lots of pictures and try to remember to laugh along the way.

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