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The year 2001 at a glance.
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January 2001 Caroline stands on her own in Friday the 5th; then walks on the 15th. Kurtis stands on his own on Tuesday the 16th and walks on the 18th. Kevan of course is out West shooting when all this happens. **************************************************************************** February I celebrate my 39th birthday with Kevan, Mom and Dad. We went to my favorite restaurant in London. Blue Ginger. www.blueginger.on.ca. The babies are eating everything. French toast, Cinnamon toast, Scrambled eggs with cheese are all new foods. I had lunch with Laura Ireland. She is the best. Nanook goes to get groomed because he is staying with grandma and grandpa while we are in Florida. He looks like a celestial show dog. I took the babies to the Dr. because they are throwing up. We decide that the best thing we can do is continue with our plans and take them to Florida, and get them out in that sunshine. **************************************************************************** March Wrong! Florida is a disaster! Everyone is sick as a dog. We were there 17 days. Everyone was well for only 2 of those days. The babies each took turns going to the ER. The Drs. were nice and thank goodness we had insurance. We all dragged ourselves out for lunch on the twins birthday. Lunch was at the Cracker Barrel. We hoped to have been able to go shopping for birthday gifts. Under the circumstances, we let them each pick a toy they liked at the Cracker Barrel gift shop. Happy 1st Birthday Babies! Ugh! We manage to to to Sea World before we left Florida. It was our best day. **************************************************************************** April We finally break down and buy a king size bed. Ever since Florida, the babies aren't sleeping through the night. They slept on the floor in a small walkin closet. Brilliant I thought. 3 1/2 walls surrounding them. But, they could get up and walk out when they woke up. They likes that. Kevan goes to Manitoulin Is. to shoot for a week. I worked the twin sale and put items in for the first time. I made $160.00 on the things that sold. :0) Hurray for the Multiple Birth Association! I got a few items at awesome prices. The real deal was a rocking horse that is hand painted. We haven't settled on a name yet...Percilla, Rose Mary or Rosebud. Spencer and his buddy Sean create the most amazing science project. He had to build a working model showing how the pyramids were built and he must use a lever. So, he built two locks, using the water from the Nile. The barge carries the 2 ton boulders up the Nile through the locks and up to the level they want at the pyramid. Then the Crane (lever) lifts the boulder off the barge and sets it in place on the pyramid. So cool!;0) The babies are sprouting molars everywhere. Caroline suddenly understands English! I can ask her to go get something and she does. I was asking Kurtis where his soother was. Caroline left the room and returned with it and put it in Kurtis' mouth. What a girl. ***************************************************************************** May Well what a cool thing. My mom was offered a retirement package a year early! So In the last year. Tom and his family have moved out of Mom & Dad's house. Grandma has moved out too, to a nursing home. Bentley the cat died. Now mom is retiring. The for sale sign is on the house. Some changes happen so fast. The twins are starting to talk to each other. Caroline looked at Kurtis and said, "Hi!" and waved. Kurtis waved back. The long waited sale at Bed and Bath. We don't get out of the store without dropping a 'G' note! But my bed is fit for a Queen! Wahoo! Now I have my own chariot. Kevan just bought me a new Dodge Grand Caravan. We got the employee discount because my Grandfather ran the Body Shop at Chrysler in Windsor. Three Cheers for Grandpa Holland! **************************************************************************** June 2001 Spencer tried out for track and field. He just won 4th place at the regionals for high jump. Waaaahoooooo Spencer! Caroline Victoria just said her 1st sentence. Waving to Kurtis, 'Hi Baby!' What a girl. :0) ************************************************************************* July 2001 Kevan disappears for 3 weeks while we try and cope on our own. He was up near Alaska shooting <<Grizzly Bears>> and lots of landscapes, waterscapes, other wildlife and golf courses. Kutis still sticking to his guns. If it's not worth saying it he won't. No one syllable words for this kid. His new one,'Bagel'.

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