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The story of my life! ;)

When I was little, we attended the Salvation Army every Sunday. Which means I attended sunday school from an early age. Some of the songs we sang were very joyful and uplifting. 2 in particular changed my life. ;)

1st-Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days, all the days of my life. 2nd-J-O-Y, J-O-Y, Surely must be seen Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between.

Harmless, except for the fact that I was 4 years old and couldn't read. (Not that they gave us the music to read from at that age anyways.) So, it just made sense. I had a brother and a sister. So, what's the big deal if Jesus Christ had two sisters. One named 'Shirley Goodness', the other named 'Mercy'!

Another time we were watching TV. and an advertisement came on for a new Chef-boy-ar-dee canned meal called 'Roller coasters'. I got frustrated and blurted out to the TV., "why wouldn't you call it 'Rolly coasters' you morons!" ;)

My brother and sister set me straight after they stopped killing themselves laughing.

The last really dumb one I can remember was as late a college days for me. My Dad had built a rose arbour for my Mom's new yellow rose bush. (Yellow Roses are her favorite flower)

Now, at our house we give everything a name. The cars, the trees, in fact we had just planted a potted baby Christmas tree we named 'Bruce the Spruce' earlier in the spring.

At the dinner table there was talk of the rose arbour and I sat there with a funny face on. Finally, my Mother asked me what the matter was. "You're going to call that beautiful yellow rose, Rose Albert!?" I was horrified. The rest of the family was on the floor.

They named the rose bush, Rose Albert!

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