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Florida 2003

With the help of Mousesaver codes, we got a cheap room at All Star Sports. We have never stayed inside Disney before. What a good idea. Impressed by the rooms. Didn't expect much for $55.

Jan. 2

Was warmer than it had been the whole week earlier. We arrived at 9:30 am. Discovered people were checking in already. There was a long line. Forget that noise, we parked our car and hopped on the bus to WDW. I was surprised to see the security bag check. But they were ultra fast.

Got a double stroller and we were off. Half way up Main St. USA, we saw a trolly coming toward us. Then right in front of us, the dancers got out and danced to Main St. USA. It was a great way to start the day.

We hadn't gone too far when my 2 year old son escaped from the stroller running full tilt to Buzz Lightyear. I couldn't believe it. In the past, (4 times) I have never seen more then 2 characters the whole day. There were characters all over the place. Buzz, Captain Hook, Chip and Dale, and many others, it would help if my pictures were ready.Then I could tell you exactly. ;)

We did lunch at Crystal Palace. It's wide open and the kids could see clear through the restaurant. That didn't work well for us since they kept disappearing chasing down the characters. Lunch was buffet style and good.

We resigned ourselves to the fact that we couldn't see it all with 2 1/2 year old twins, so we didn't even try. We just enjoyed what we could. Fast Pass is a blessing. Baby swap is also.

We went to check in around 3pm. That is the only thing I would give WDW a big fat 'F' on. What a nightmare. What were those check in staff doing!? It took well over an hour and the line just kept on growing. By the time we got our room DH was mad.

We tried to rest but it was hopeless. Ate dinner from our cooler. Then headed back to Disney. Fast Pass for Space mountain was for 7:30 pm, we got the pass at 12:30!

Have to thank whom ever talked about the night parade. We skipped the day one for the night one. Fireworks then the parade.

My opinion is that the night parade is worth the admission! We were standing right under where Tinkerbell flies during the fireworks. What a lucky break. Look for the high wire.

Of course my 2 yr old dd grabbed my ds's soother and threw it before we realized so it was a lot of screaming till we got back to the hotel.

Dead tired by the end of the day.

Jan. 3

Decided to sleep in since we wouldn't have a room in the afternoon. Did a light breakfast in our room and off to Epcot. It was a cooler day so I brought sweat shirts and jackets. It was a slow start but we finally got our bearings. I'm not sure why they have so many movies where you stand. I for one was thrilled to get to France and sit down.

Lunch at the Garden Grill. That was so good for us. Since the restaurant revolves, and the tables face outward to the land. My kids couln't see what was going on in the restaurant. Now and again a character would stick their head around the corner and we would have a visit. No kids running off after 'a guy'. The food was very good.

By the time the sun was setting it was FREEZING COLD! (and I'm from Canada!) We had 3 layers on and my babies were crying because their legs were cold. I gave up my jacket to warm them. A good excuse to cuddle with DH. ;) This all happened just as the parade started. It was interesting to see those giant characters/puppets dancing down the street. But, I found the song and the parade monotonous. Something that needs to change is that there are no blankets for sale except by the entrance. Mickey gifts or something like that. They were sold out except for tigger blankets.

Thanks to whom ever suggested that we go to the Disney Store at the mall for stuff. It was way cheaper!!! The spinning toy with a charachter and lights was a hit and only $4.99 at the Disney store. (Mickey in a santa suit. What do I care, it was still Christmas vacation.) Also, the sweatshirts were priced with a discount for two. With twins this worked for me and saved my kids from freezing to death.

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