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Oct 1994 Spencer came home frome junior kindergarden and told me about a song they sing every morning at school. "Old Canada"!

Sept 1996 I was worried about Spencer adjusting to full days at school,at the beginning of grade one, so I picked him up for lunch the first 3 days. As we sat outside at the picnic table eating lunch he looked up at me and said. "Mom, I think we have a problem." (OK Marilyn hold your breath and don't laugh) "I think you're having trouble letting me go." He just wanted to have lunch at school with all his friends and that exactly what he did from then on.

March 2003. Kurtis and Caroline went on a field trip with their nursery school class to the sugar bush. While there they saw how maple syrup is made. The sap comes from trees and is boiled to end up with maple syrup. When they were done, Caroline took Donna Jean's hand and walked up the long hill back to the bus and said, "this is too much work!"

When they arrived home I asked them how their trip on the bus went. Caroline responded, "It was good. We went to the Mulberry Bush." Kurtis piped in, "and we drank soya sauce!"

This could only happen to me. Rachel Ireland, Laura's youngest daughter got baptized today. I gave the talk on baptism and Kevan baptized her. Just as we were ready to start, Kurtis ran out of my reach and into the font with church clothes, shoes and all. He is very pleased with himself for getting baptized.

When Bishop Morrison saw what happened,it's like they are wild animals. After further thought, he said, "no they're like rodents!"

All day Kurtis would tell who ever would listen, "I was baptized." One Elder said, "cool, and in 5 years you get to be baptized again."

April 2003 Our family went for a hike together to explore the hills behind our house. I found a 'walking stick' and walked with it for the rest of the hike. A couple days later I looked out the backyard to find Kurtis with my walking stick wacking the heck out of the grass and the bushes. I ran to him an asked him what on earth he was doing?! He said matter of factly that he was playing with his 'wacking stick'!

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